Self Titled -Cardboard Sleeve CD

by Flat Earth Society

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5 song cardboard sleeve cd that was a follow up to the Demo 2000. The music tracks on this cd are the same tracks that were recorded previously at In-Time Studio's when Kenny was the vocalist. Some of the old back up tracks were also used.


released June 1, 2000

Vocals: Scott
Guitars: Mark, Scott
Bass: Fred
Drums: Pedro

All lyrics by Scott
All music by FES
Unless otherwise noted



all rights reserved


Flat Earth Society Tenafly, New Jersey

they only allow 400 characters and this band has much more than that to say. go to the facebook page to read the whole story


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Track Name: What Now?
Pick up your pieces and we'll begin cause we're playing in a a game that we'll never win
We close our eyes to the urgency cause human kind thrives on complacency
Never caring about the global effect or the future lives that we're gonna wreck
Try once around but you can't pass go cause we'll be long gone before we'll ever know
I'll Try not to raise my hands
I'll Follow with the master plan
I'll See what they want me to see
But that can never be
Sun rise doesn't look the same, cause my eyes are burning shut from the acid rain
I'm choking hard on the air I breath, but the corporate giants will still make me believe
They say the earth will surly heal itself, while they line their pockets with tons of wealth
No Sun, No Rain, will we ever get to do it again
I'll Try, I'll Die, will we start to wonder why
Track Name: Friend
I....... look back to try and find out why
You don't see that it was me that you've done wrong
I'll tell you something, you know nothing and now your fucked!
You say your own things your meaning are nothing, and what you speak you will swear is the truth
I'm holding out till the stories the right way, just to find out the problem is you
I know your nothing but my friend I want you to know that it's me that you deceived and now you'll face the truth
It's been a million times before that I've settled to be the fool
Everything will turn out the right way and now your problems are weighing on you
Your friendship was just all pretend and now I am done with you and all that you do
You can just sit there all alone
I can tell my your stone cold reaction no one ever dares to speak the truth
I feel sorry cause I treated you the right way now you've got your lies all coming back to you
Your Not someone I can understand
Your Not treating me like you should
Your Not someone I can live with forget your self forgiveness cause now your game is done
Track Name: Two Miles And A Dream
Tell me how it feels today to be the one that let me down
I don't think that you give a shit that my smile can't be found
I've heard the same ol stories I know just how it goes
I stand here feeling helpless the last one who will know
Tell me that you will always be there, cause I'll be there for you
Another day I'm bound to question everything I have inside
If you could give me one good reason, I'll continue with this fight
My shallow thoughts are empty, your words won't heal my wounds
I can't imagine my life living without you
Be there for me, I'll be there for you
Track Name: Blinded By Faith
Assembly of a nations god
Fighting your battles and making you plans
The riotousness battle rebellion
They'll take your money till you understand
And then you'll see that it's not for me to oppose all of those who will believe
The money the power the greed and the wealth it's up to US to take a stand
All those who say that it's not for me, will be shunned and cast out of society
They're raking in money while breaking new ground
Amazing the millions of people they've found
And while I wonder why, children and our elders die
Brainwashed and broken led to believe
They're blinded by faith so they will never see
I feel your message taking control of me
I feel your methods are controlling who I'll be
Fantasize it's enticing for a world that seems so inviting
Believing the stories or doing what's right, believe in yourself is half the fight
If someone has the answer, I want to know
If you can find the answer, I want to know