In​-​Time Recordings 1999

by Flat Earth Society

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Recorded in 1999 at In-Time studios NY.


released January 1, 1999

Vocals: Ken
Guitars: Scott, Mark
Bass: Fred
Drums: Pedro

All Lyrics BY Ken
All Music by FES
Unless otherwise noted



all rights reserved


Flat Earth Society Tenafly, New Jersey

they only allow 400 characters and this band has much more than that to say. go to the facebook page to read the whole story


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Track Name: Two Miles And A Dream
Tell me how it feels today to be the one that let me down
I don't think that you give a shit that my smile can't be found
I've heard the same ol stories I know just how it goes
I stand here feeling helpless the last one who will know
Tell me that you will always be there, cause I'll be there for you
Another day I'm bound to question everything I have inside
If you could give me one good reason, I'll continue with this fight
My shallow thoughts are empty, your words won't heal my wounds
I can't imagine my life living without you
Be there for me, I'll be there for you
Track Name: What Now?
Pick up your pieces and we'll begin cause we're playing in a a game that we'll never win
We close our eyes to the urgency cause human kind thrives on complacency
Never caring about the global effect or the future lives that we're gonna wreck
Try once around but you can't pass go cause we'll be long gone before we'll ever know
I'll Try not to raise my hands
I'll Follow with the master plan
I'll See what they want me to see
But that can never be
Sun rise doesn't look the same, cause my eyes are burning shut from the acid rain
I'm choking hard on the air I breath, but the corporate giants will still make me believe
They say the earth will surly heal itself, while they line their pockets with tons of wealth
No Sun, No Rain, will we ever get to do it again
I'll Try, I'll Die, will we start to wonder why
Track Name: Evil B
I don't think I could forgive you not that I really wanted to
You changed your ways your whole attitude and talking to you is just no use
Those good friends of your they didn't last I could have told you that
So now your running back to me our friendship can never be
Did you think you could just turn your back forget all about your friends
Then when your down and you need our help we'd be there for you
It's the same old thing over and over and over again
You call us your friend but only when it's convenient for you
All your lies times you tried to deceive but your not fooling me
Why do you think I'd still believe anything said by you
False hopes broken promises it's wasn't worth the price of beans
Better off that's what we are without you
A real friend is what I'm looking for you couldn't understand
A friend to you is someone to be used you know it's the truth
The day will come when you'll get what you deserve and be left all alone
I just hope that I'll be there to see you fall
Track Name: Friend
And I hope it made you happy
To knock me down push me around and keep me down
It must have felt so good to show me up you knew you could
To point out all you have and all I don't made you feel strong
You impressed everyone you got their laughs it's all you do
How does it feel to be on top all alone
So your a big man now your heads held high stick out your chest
Everyone wants to be your friend it's sure to last flash some cash
Your so arrogant your blind your ignorant
How does it feel to be on top all alone
It's my turn now I'll sit back and laugh
Tables turn now I'll sit back and laugh
Track Name: Loser
I've got no job
I've got no luck
I see the pretty girls and I want to.....
I watch the stars at night and it comforts me
I feel time slipping by but I don't care to see
I haven't showered for a week or it may be two
There's nothing wrong with me but there is with you
I sit on my couch every day and watch all the idiots walk away
My teachers always said I was just a fool
But all my loser friends thought that I was cool
Scored a big 26 in my science class
Prepared me for my life of sitting on my ass
I sit on my couch every day and watch all the idiots walk away
Another day of life another word to say I sit here with close eyes and piss my time away
Looking for the man who's coming down my walk still drunk from last night and I can't even talk
First of the month and I'm waiting on my check I'll be broke by the second that much you can bet
There's no justice in my life
And I don't want to be another stupid pawn cause in the game of life I know I could be wrong
I just wanna fell and do whatever I want your just jealous of me cause I'm something your not
Track Name: Dro Drinks
Standing in the face of god
Never backing down
I'm feeling like an immortal
I'm feeling ten foot tall
Nothing can disturb me
Nothing can distract me
My mind is set on what I need to do I face my fears and let it go
Somehow someway I can make it through another day
I failed with my best it's something I have to accept
So if I try hard to succeed it can only bring out the best in me
I stick to what i believe cause in the end I know it's all I need
Can I feel any less alive or anymore alone
Can I get any less happy any more sad
Will I fall hard or will someone or something catch me
I sit confused wanting to cry there's something I can't see
At times it gets tough just to make it through the day
I search for meaning in my life it's a never ending fight
If hope is all I seem to have I better pray it will last
Cause I don't know how much more I can take or how much I have left in me