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This was written during the tale end of the Hard days. Scott was happily unemployed and whipped this whole song up in about an hour. A true fact of the song is that Scott and Ken both had averages in the 20's in their science class. Both passed. But that's a story for another day.... :)


I've got no job
I've got no luck
I see the pretty girls and I want to.....
I watch the stars at night and it comforts me
I feel time slipping by but I don't care to see
I haven't showered for a week or it may be two
There's nothing wrong with me but there is with you
I sit on my couch every day and watch all the idiots walk away
My teachers always said I was just a fool
But all my loser friends thought that I was cool
Scored a big 26 in my science class
Prepared me for my life of sitting on my ass
I sit on my couch every day and watch all the idiots walk away
Another day of life another word to say I sit here with close eyes and piss my time away
Looking for the man who's coming down my walk still drunk from last night and I can't even talk
First of the month and I'm waiting on my check I'll be broke by the second that much you can bet
There's no justice in my life
And I don't want to be another stupid pawn cause in the game of life I know I could be wrong
I just wanna fell and do whatever I want your just jealous of me cause I'm something your not


from In​-​Time Recordings 1999, released January 1, 1999
additional back ups on the ooo's and aah's by Josh Brochhausen and Steve Wethington (noodles)
Lyrics & Music: Scott



all rights reserved


Flat Earth Society Tenafly, New Jersey

they only allow 400 characters and this band has much more than that to say. go to the facebook page to read the whole story


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