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I don't think I could forgive you not that I really wanted to
You changed your ways your whole attitude and talking to you is just no use
Those good friends of your they didn't last I could have told you that
So now your running back to me our friendship can never be
Did you think you could just turn your back forget all about your friends
Then when your down and you need our help we'd be there for you
It's the same old thing over and over and over again
You call us your friend but only when it's convenient for you
All your lies times you tried to deceive but your not fooling me
Why do you think I'd still believe anything said by you
False hopes broken promises it's wasn't worth the price of beans
Better off that's what we are without you
A real friend is what I'm looking for you couldn't understand
A friend to you is someone to be used you know it's the truth
The day will come when you'll get what you deserve and be left all alone
I just hope that I'll be there to see you fall


from In​-​Time Recordings 1999, released January 1, 1999



all rights reserved


Flat Earth Society Tenafly, New Jersey

they only allow 400 characters and this band has much more than that to say. go to the facebook page to read the whole story


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